Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation

Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation

​​​​​​​Boutique Wedding Dress Dry-Cleaning and Preservation - Sydney

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​Getting your bridal gown to us has never been easier. Your wedding gown is collected from your work, home, hotel or reception venue after your wedding. When you return from your honeymoon, your bridal gown will be returned to you either boxed or bagged to ensure a long term protection of the fabric and beading.

​You can be confident in our 10 years of wedding dress preservation expertise and service.  For Sydney's leading wedding dress dry cleaning services, contact Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation today for a no obligation quote to have your wedding gown restored.

​​​​​Deciding where to send your bridal gown once the wedding is over, can be a little daunting.  Whether you are planning to preserve your gown as a family heirloom, or resell your gown, we appreciate that it’s a big decision.  Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation is a bridal gown dry clean boutique service that offers customers the most effective and efficient wedding gown cleaning techniques and strategies in the industry at an affordable price.

​The team at Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation exclusively specializes in wedding dress cleaning and preservation. Our dedicated team handles beautiful bridal gowns on a daily basis. Over the last ten years, we've built a reputation with many of Western Sydney's leading Bridal gown retailers – both in recommending our bridal gown dry cleaning services to their customers, and in trusting us with their own in-house bridal gowns.

​Your wedding gown requires the most delicate treatment and expertise, so it's important to have it cleaned by a company who understands and specializes in bridal gown cleaning and preservation – not just your typical shopping centre dry cleaners. We are not huge factory dry cleaning outfit that output thousands of garments each day. Rather, the small team at Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation, are specialists, and experienced in working daily with designer fabrics, lace and beading.