Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation

Our Guarantee:  We will clean your gown to the best of our ability, using the latest and safest cleaning techniques available to us.  Our policy is to always favour the quality of the fabric, beading and laces, over the stain.  This may mean that in some instances, there will be remaining markings on the gown.  This is particularly true of silk.  It does not mean we have not cleaned the gown properly, but have used our experience and expertise, to ensure that the overall gown remains in an undamaged condition. Feel free to discuss the clean with our staff upon final inspection.

We guarantee to clean your wedding gown to the best of our ability, employing the most suitable and safest procedures, without causing damage to the fabric, stitching or beadwork. In some cases, a stain will be unable to be removed without causing disintegration of the fabric, or damage to the beadwork.

Our policy is that the safekeeping of fabric and beadwork, will always be prioritised over removing the stain.

​Due to the sentimental value of each gown that we work with, we view the preservation of your gown as a collaborative process between you and our team.  There may be instances, where you will be requested to inspect the gown before a further clean is attempted.
Hand cleaning is the safest method of cleaning for delicate beadwork on your wedding gown. We use Hand Cleaning on synthetics as it is a highly effective cleaning method and will protect the crystals and beadwork on your wedding dress from the heat and chemicals of dry cleaning. The majority of wedding gowns that we work on, are hand cleaned.

Hand cleaning a wedding gown has several advantages:-

  • ​It removes all the unseen spills and skin cells that appear years later on your wedding dress.
  • ​It leaves no chemicals in the wedding gown.
  • ​No heat is used in the cleaning process of your wedding gown or the beadwork on it.
  • ​Delicate beadwork on your wedding dress is protected from vigorous agitation.
With technology developments in dry cleaning solvents and equipment over the last ten years, there is so much resource available to us whilst dry cleaning your wedding dress. Dry cleaning is used on all natural fibres such as silk, but also rayon and some acetate. Virgin solvents are always used in our wedding dress dry cleaning process. Our team will determine the most effective and safest method for dry cleaning your wedding gown. This will be based on the designer’s instructions and also the testing of the beadwork on your wedding dress.

Wedding Dress - Dry Cleaning

Wedding Dress - Guarantee

Wedding Dress - Pre Clean Inspection Process and Policy

Wedding Dress - Hand Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning Process

There are now several forms of Wedding Dress dry cleaning available.

The method of cleaning that we will use on your gown will be determined by several factors. ​Our years of experience with cleaning wedding dresses, enables us to determine what method will be the most beneficial for your gown.

Factors that we will take into consideration are:

  • ​​Type of fabric that your wedding dress has been constructed from
  • Wedding gown care label specifics
  • ​Degree of staining on wedding dress
  • ​Quality of beading and sequins on wedding gown requiring special care
  • ​Unique adornments on wedding dress

Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation

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