Keeping your gown covered will protect it from the damage caused by light and dust.

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Light and Dust

Mildew and Mould

Wedding Dress Preservation Tips

Permanent Creasing

 There are certain fabrics, like silk and nylon, which tend to yellow a little as they get older. The most common cause of yellowing in wedding gowns is simply by leaving the dress in either the plastic bag that the dress came with, or a dry cleaner's bag. Plastic releases fumes that actually cause ageing.


But even with proper care, some fabrics will yellow more than others and it may be impossible to prevent all yellowing. As a rule, silk fabric yellows more than synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, rayon and acetate. Nylon, which is a synthetic, also has a tendency to yellow more than other synthetic fabrics. 

Gowns that can be wet cleaned have an advantage, in that if they do yellow, they may be able to be whitened for future use with a fabric whitener. Preserving your gown in an acid-free, climate-controlled environment is your best protection against yellowing. Keeping your gown in the best overall condition should be the main concern in preserving your bridal gown. Remove it from the plastic bag and have it cleaned and preserved in an acid-free environment.



What does Wedding Dress Preservation involve?

You are creating an heirloom - a beautiful memento from your wedding day, for friends and family to admire with you in years to come. 


Sydney Wedding Gown uses the Museum Method of Preservation. 


After cleaning your wedding gown, your gown is wrapped in acid free packaging, along with any accessories you choose to place in the box.  The wedding gown is completely encased with the tissue paper.


Over the years, you will want to look at your gown, showing friends and family members, recalling memories from your wedding day.  With the Museum Method of Preservation, you are able to access the gown at any stage, simply replacing the tissue paper once you are ready to store the gown away again.


We encourage our brides to use their anniversary date each year, to check the space where the gown is stored, and to replace any Pest Prevention Method, or humidity methods, such as Hungry Hippo’s.

Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation

Sydney Wedding Gown Preservation

Flat storage is recommended for wedding dress when possible. However, because of the size and dimensions of wedding gowns, it is often impractical. Some compromise must be made, either by folding or hanging the gown.

To help prevent permanent creasing, some boxed gowns should be refolded every 2 - 3 years. We will advise you if your gown needs to be refolded. Most wedding dresses can stay folded in their box for the next 50 years. Bagged gowns that are hung in a closet are not at risk for permanent creasing, and will not need to be handled periodically.


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To protect your gown from mildew and mould growth, it is advisable to keep your wedding gown in a breathable environment. When fabrics can breathe, the humidity level remains constant around the garment as excess moisture dissipates into the air. The wedding gown is at risk for mildew and mould growth if moisture can condense inside a box or any container.